A birth & a rebirth

When my son and daughter were born, life was put in another perspective. Who would think though that I would feel almost the same, as if I was reborn, when Hermina Wristwear came into my life? Not only I feel I have to give life to all 3 of them but they give it back too!

I don’t want to talk about my jewellery but I want to share with you how this need of mine was generated.

When I was younger it never occurred to me to deal with any creative process since I always belonged to those who only admire and follow art. I never imagined that I could also be on the side of creators. That was until the moment I realised I had passed on to a life stage where almost everything looked quite possible to happen. When you reach that side of the river the need to define who you are has multiple faces.

For me defining my roots became necessary in order to lead my future and enjoy life. Having such a rich heritage through Greek history it wasn’t very difficult to be seduced by the beauty and the purity of the ancient art & design.

Being with the creators presupposes that you are a good and fair observer of other creators, both from the past and the present. It also means that you are not afraid to declare who you are inspired from and thus you are not ashamed to believe that you may also inspire others!

I feel that taking care of your «babies», no matter what kind of birth you have given, is one’s thin slice contribution to the eternal life cycle.

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