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Random thoughts under a pink umbrella

Never thought of myself as being artistic. Lover of the arts? Definitely yes. But an artist? Wouldn’t say so.

What I have come to realize is that there are no labels. Just phases or stages in our lives.

What inspires us is what defines us every time and inspiration can be anything… a song, a poem, a person, a movie, a sunrise… a sunset!

So… I design jewelry… hence by definition… I am a jewelry designer… In theory yes, but do I consider myself as one? I love jewelry and I express my ideas, experiences and stimulations through them…  but I could never do it as a hobby and I know why. Let me explain…

What has actually helped me since day 1 build and run a jewelry brand is my love and incline for entrepreneurship. This encompasses the decision making process of setting goals, trying to achieve them, thinking of ways to develop α profitable business and of course – as a team player – choosing the right team members that will help me in every step. All this is so exciting to me and as liberating as designing …

So what am I? While starring at my pink umbrella and listening to the sounds of waves and cicadas I decided that by marrying the two attributes (Designer-entrepreneur) I am a  “designereur”. So, what would you call yourself at this stage of your life?

Xx Konstantina


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