Hermis Head Onyx Ring


  • Description

    Carved on an Onyx stone like an ancient head sculpture our Hermis head is then placed on a bezel cast from sterling silver. Afterwards, it is polished and given a rough hammered finish.

    Hermis was the Son of Zeus and Maia, God of trade, and boundaries, driver of the living and dead, and messenger of the Gods. His versatility, sagacity, and cunning were his most extraordinary features.

    Please note, that it can take up to two weeks for our rings to be completed.

  • Materials and dimensions

    Hermis diameter: 2.0 cm (0.79 inches)
    Weight: 10.2 gr
    Materials: Gold-plated Sterling Silver 925, Onyx semi-precious stone
    Gold plating: 1-2 microns

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