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Morocco is a dream destination!

Morocco is a dream destination!
By Xeni Kouveli
Art Director & PR manager at Hermina Athens

Do you know what I realized lately?

You need a ‘Call to Action’ for everything.

When sharing experiences (and not only) the image needs a further explanation, something that will connect you with the people who listen. And I feel this is very important for my work. Call to actions are needed everywhere in your life.

Anyway, back to Morocco… So, Morocco seems so colorful and don’t get me wrong, it is very colorful but there is something that cannot be captioned from pictures in Morocco. There is a dark element to it that you can only feel it, you cannot see it. It is in the smells, it is on the road trip to the desert, it is in the taste of the dust. And that is what makes it so charming. You wanna explore more, go deeper. And that is what one has to do in Morocco.

Explore. Don’t just stay in Marrakesh, visit the country, visit the desert. It is the only thing that will stay within you forever. The feeling of relief and emptiness of your self in the endless sand dunes. Magical.

Morocco was was also the source of an amazing collaboration for a new era! @HerminaAthens X @Stylelove collection was born in the Medina of Marrakech!

A necklace collection inspired by the love for the coral (which was also the color of 2019 by Pantone), Stylelove’s necklace styling and endless layering along with Konstantina’s iconic aesthetic and charms.

Tips for Morocco:
1. Let the spirit of Morocco envelop you. Discover what lies behind hidden doors and alleys.
2. Visit the desert NO MATTER WHAT. Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga and watch the sunrise! And the sunset. Breathe it all in.
3. Allow yourself to get lost in the streets of the medina in Marrakesh. All roads lead back to the main square: Djemaa el Fna!
4. Book a hammam! Or four! It is the ultimate Moroccan experience and you will feel reborn!
5. Watch the sunset on a roof terrace in Marrakesh. Drink the mint tea while doing it.
6. Negotiate your prices and remember to expect to pay around a third of what you’re first quoted.
7. Do not wear mini skirts and cover your shoulders. Remember to respect their ways.
8. Do not follow the man who accosts you outside the riad or a museum. He will usually say he works there but he doesn’t.
9. Do not worry much about your email and social media accounts. Live the experience and use your phone only for taking pictures if you like. Just be careful of the locals who don’t like their pictures taken. And always remember to not provoke.
10. Visit the Yves Saint Laurent museum. You will remember me.

Enjoy lovebirds!

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