Sepia Large Charm


  • Description

    Move aside classic sea charms!

    A peculiar charm carrying the essence of the sea, Sepia is our seasonal favorite.

    Reminiscent of the sleek winkle, the charm is quirky and unique; the perfect piece for the ones looking for something out of the ordinary.

    – Gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver charm

    – Unique shape

    – Add to your basic chains and bracelets

    – Kressida eye inscribed on the back of the charm

    – Combine with bright beaded necklaces for the ultimate summer look

  • Materials and dimensions

    Charm dimensions: height: 4.0 cm (1.5 inches), width: 1. 5 cm (0.60 inch)
    Materials: Sterling Silver 925, Gold-plated Sterling Silver
    Gold Plating: 1-2 microns

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